How to install if you haven't use Bitrix24 yet?

1. Watch tutorial.
2. Click on the link or follow the instructions on the video.
3. Register the portal and confirm the mail.
4. Invite employees.
5. Refresh the page - the Company Policy link will appear in the menu on the left.

How to install if you have already been using Bitrix24?

1. Open your portal.
2. In the menu on the left, select "Market".
3. Go to "Market" - write Company policy.
4. Click "View", then "Install".
5. Close all sliders and refresh the page.
6. The link Company policy will appear in the left menu.

How to create a structure (hierarchy) in the Company Policy App?

1. Open the Company Policy app.
2. Click Add Category.
3. Specify the sort order in the Sort field (categories with the number 1 in this field will be higher in the list than other values).
4. Configure the access rights, which users or/and departments will have access to this category.

How to add new content?

1. Click Add article.
2. Specify the sorting order (materials with the number 1 in this field will be higher in the list than other values).
3. Specify the category in which the material will be located. Several categories can be specified.
4. Add the text you want to post.
5. To open the text formatting panel, click the ¶ sign to the right of the information input window.

How to add content to 2 or more categories?

1. Create a new article or open an existing one.
2. In the Parent category field, select the categories in which the document should be available (use Ctrl + left mouse button to select two or more categories).

How to give access rights to an employee?

1. From the menu on the left, select Invite users.
2. Copy and send them the registration link.
3. Immediately after registration, they will appear on the portal without linking to the section. In the Company Policy application, they have access to the "General information" folder.
4. For the employee to have access to the folder with the materials for his department, move the employee to the desired department as shown in the video.

How to use content finder

1. Go to the "Search" tab.
2. The search is accomplished in two ways:
- Search by title - searches for materials by document titles.
- Search by content - searches for materials, according to the words found in the content of the materials.

How to publish a new regulation

1. Click on the "Add article" tab.
2. Specify the title, sort order, section.
3. Click Save.

How to control the familiarization of employees with the regulations

1. Go to the "Report" tab.
2. Create a report and specify a department or employee.
3. See which staff member is familiar and who is not.
4. The column "Read" shows the date and time when the employee got acquainted with the material.

How to add control questions

In the Company Policy application for Bitrix24 - when creating a new document, instructions, regulations - you can add a list of screening questions with multiple answers to check how the employee has learned the information.
For this:
1. Create a new material or go to editing an already created one.
2. Click on the button - Add question, write a question.
3. Click - Add Answer and click on the checkbox on the right to record the answer.
4. If you need to add another question, repeat the above steps. You can add several right answers.
5. When the information is entered - click - Save.

In the future, if necessary, you can swap questions and answer options or delete them.


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